Earth Day – give the Earth a hug…or something

At least quit throwing empty soda cups out of your pickup truck, if only for the day!

So, yeah, tomorrow is Earth Day. I don’t really know what celebrating “Earth Day” entails – you can’t make the Earth a cake or send it an e-card or text message, the usual b-day celebratory options.

What you can do, however, is go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, for free. Yes, folks, Earth Day means a present for you! Tomorrow, April 22 Atlanta Botanical Gardens is offering free admission. Want to know something really sad? When J and I lived within walking distance of the gardens, we never went. What a waste. I will try to rectify that tomorrow (after getting sworn into Georgia’s higher courts, that is).

PS: If you just can’t get enough of Earth Day programming, check out Buckhead tomorrow afternoon.


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