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Or, how to blog with no real content 🙂

1. Kiehl’s – free shipping on orders over $30 placed by Wednesday, February 11th.  Enter code “love” at checkout.

2. Origins – get 6 free samples with any order, through February 8th.  (Also, free shipping on orders over $75)

3. Ann Taylor Loft – $20 off orders $75 or more; $50 off orders of $150 or more.  Enter code “savemore” at checkout.  (sale works in stores, too).  Ends Sunday, February 8th.

4. Filene’s Basement is having a winter clearance and advertising up to 90% off.

5. dining certificates – 50% off, plus a $15 FTD reward (no idea what that is) with every order.  Enter discount code “cupid.”  Ends February 9th.

6. Mario Badescu – free shipping on orders over $30.   Enter code “mbship” – through February 12.

7. Express – 20% off February 7-8, in stores and online.  Enter code “6896.”

8. 20% off any one item at H&M.  (In stores only, must print coupon; link will send you to a PDF file).


Happy Birthday to Me, or, Strangest Birthday Present Ever

Is it strange for me to lust after dried beans?  I think it’s odd, even for me.  But ever since I learned about Rancho Gordo probably 4 years ago I’ve been daring myself to order what food bloggers world round promise are the best dried beans in these parts.  I talk myself out of it each time, why, I don’t really know, except to say I didn’t really *need* specialty heirloom beans, it’s a little bourgeois.  But this time, I rationalized hey, my birthday is coming up (ok, a few weeks away, but a minor detail) and this is my birthday present to myself.  Lamest birthday gift to self, ever?  Probably.  That’s ok, I’m really excited to try these.  (My sister thought it very strange when I suggested these as a Christmas gift idea and I don’t blame her).

Rancho Gordo is committed to producing heirloom and “new world” food products, mostly beans, but they offer other stuff as well (dried corn, spices, and some popcorn and red quinoa I ordered and am excited to try). Apparently, the dried beans you get in most store are already really really old – Rancho Gordo promises “fresh” dried beans.  (Some even don’t require overnight soaking).  I’m hoping I’ll be able to tell a difference, because otherwise I’ll be very disappointed. Maybe I’ll give an update once I get them and actually cook with them.  Maybe.  If anything, check out their site, they have tons of recipes for cooking with beans and a cheeky logo to boot.  And if you do, maybe you’ll catch the lust as well and I won’t feel like such a freak. That would be cool.  (Or, you might not get it, just reinforcing my freakishness.  That’s ok too, I suppose, since it would just be an affirmation of what I already know – I’m a little nuts).

All Three Seasons of (one of) the best cancelled shows ever for under $30

Amazon’s “Gold Box Deal” (no, it’s not a 24K gold grill for down there) is the completed series of Arrested Development (all three seasons) for $28.99.  You’ll also qualify for free delivery guaranteed by Dec. 24.  Apparently there’s a time limit (as of now, at 3:32 pm, you have 11 hours).   Anyway, it’s a pretty fantastic deal.   This show was brilliant.  If you didn’t like it, you are clearly not my friend.   Thank slickdeals for the heads up.

There is NOTHING about this show that isn't awesome

There is NOTHING about this show that isn't awesome

PS: My Thanksgiving blog featured Gob performing to his theme song, Europe’s Final Countdown.

Get yourself a shave, boy!

Going crazy trying to figure out a present for your man?  Yeah, me too.  I’ve got some iders, but still haven’t figured out the perfect gift.  I know Christmas isn’t supposed to be about gifts, it’s about being together and quality time, etc. etc. But whatever, I’m going to get my husband a present.  A good one.  So shove it with your sanctimonious “Christmas is too over commercialized, you materialist whore” nonsense.   Because I’m not hearing it.

Anyway, to help out other like minded gift shoppers with significant menfolk in their life, Grooming Lounge is offering 15% off today and tomorrow, including gift cards.  Their gift cards for use in the store are actually gift cards for services, while a monetary amount gift card is for products purchased on the web, only.  Regardless, all gift cards and products are 15% off.  Just use code “Fivestar” at checkout.  Sale ends tomorrow, December 4.  And before anyone gets all huffy thinking a men’s salon is too girly, get over it.  They also offer non-masculinity threatening massages and whatnot, for those menfolk not entirely secure in their own 😉

I have to add, in the interest of full disclosure, I won’t be getting J anything from here, because he’s yet to utilize the gift card I got him several months again (it might even have been a year by now).  I think I’m just going to have the make the appointment for him and drive him there myself, or he may never get around to it!

The first sign of Armageddon

In the beginning, there were Crocs. And they were ugly.

Then there were high heel Crocs. And they were uglier yet.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I do NOT feel fine!

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly loath Crocs any more...

It hurts to look at them

Random Round Up

1. Remember The Limited? If you spent any significant amount of your teenage years at the mall you surely do. I can’t remember the last time I shopped there but this weekend gives me good incentive – it’s family and friends weekend, everyone gets 30% off. I think you have to have the coupon so if interested let me know and I’ll forward it along.

B. The new dessert bar in Kirkwood opens this weekend, A la Mode Dessert Bar. The offer gelato, ice cream and other yummy baked goods. Considering the decline of Jake’s locations I’m looking forward to this one. A la Mode Dessert Bar, 1963 Hosea L. Williams Drive, Suite 104, 404-273-5741

IV. Yelp has a nice round up of Atlanta art galleries today, including spaces like Youngblood, Whitespace and Eyedrum. I’ve been in an art buying mood lately so the timing is quite perfect.

Four. I’m late to the game on this one, so you’ve probably heard of Movie Tavern, but I just learned about it recently. The upside? Booze and real food (check out their menu) for your movie watching enjoyment. The downside? It’s all the way out in freaking Tucker. Oh well, if it makes watching Mama Mia any less painful for J (hey, he owes me one) then I’m willing to make the trek.

PS:  I had my most excellent summer dinner again last night, except I sauteed the cannellini with some spinach and poured a lemon vinaigrette over it to serve along side spring mix greens, mozzarella and tomatoes.  And this time I remembered the roasted red peppers.  Still delicious and definitely not tired of this one yet!

Most excellent summer dinner

This is not a recipe and there is nothing earth shattering here – it’s mostly a gussied up caprese plate.  But dear goodness was it mighty delicious last night!  I had to go on a quest for fresh mozzarella – I tried the Italian market mentioned below on Sunday – of course it was closed on Sundays (it is open on Saturdays).  I tried WF – they were out!  I was about to hit Star Provisions or Via Elisa but I managed to make it to Toscano & Sons last night before they closed (I was bound and determined).

So, just arrange greens (arugula plus spring mix), fresh tomatoes (I used yellow heirlooms from a co-worker’s father’s garden), fresh mozzarella di bufala and ciabatta (from Toscano & Sons – I strongly urge you to seek out fresh mozzarella; it is worlds above that tasteless ball of rubber they try to pass off in the grocery store. Toscano & Sons claim they fly it in weekly from Italy – I’m not sure if I believe that, but man, their mozzarella is tasty – creamy, milky, very delicious!), cannellini beans, olives (from WF olive bar), drizzle everything with olive oil and balsamico, plus a good sprinkling of coarse sea salt and pepper. Voila, dinner is served!  (insert applause here).  Oooh, I just thought that adding some roasted red peppers would be fantastic as well, so give those a try (I even had some sitting in my pantry, dammit!)

If you use fresh ingredients (ok, I fess up, the beans were canned) this is the most excellent meal. Especially since prep and clean up are minimal. Perfect for summer, as tomatoes are in season and it’s freaking hot so who feels like cooking?

I would like to draw attention to Toscano & Sons – I’ve been meaning to post about them.  It’s a small Italian market off of Marietta St. (right where it merges with Howell Mill, next to 1*Five*0) that also has a deli counter.  It is tiny, but they have a decent selection of fresh and dried pastas, olive oils and other Italian treats (like lady fingers and amaretti).  They also have chickpea flour (for those doing the gluten free thing) and “00” flour (I hear it’s good for making pizza dough).  They also make sandwiches and panini and their meats always look fantastic.  If you’re in the area it’s worth a stop in; the sandwiches are very good.  They also offer Italian classes and other little presentations.  My mother-in-law got some dishes there and has asked us to pick up some more for her since she really liked them.  It’s just an adorable little store and I really enjoy having it nearby.

Mom’s day is a coming

I get the double whammy – my mom’s b-day is always around Mother’s Day (May 13).  Luckily, Origins is offering 25% and free standard shipping in order to make my double gift burden a little easier (and, maybe a treat for myself).  The sale ends today, promo code is 0508FF.

Happy Friday, go buy stuff

Like half-off consignment designer stuff. The Junior League of Atlanta is having an “upscale” consignment sale. Saturday is half-off day. I’ve never been to one of these and I’m not affiliated with the Junior League – not that I have anything against the Junior League, I’m just wanted to make sure the record was clear. If you are one of those people who are really great at sifting through stuff to find like, the most awesome piece, you could probably score pretty big here. Buena suerte bargain hunting!

Origins – free shipping

The wonderful Jill reminded me about Origins, another skin care line that tends to get rave reviews and very devoted users. I have yet to try their products, especially since I’ve been liking the Mario Basedcu line, but I’m quickly becoming a product whore and am looking forward to trying their products.

While Origins offers free shipping on all orders over $75, if you want to order just one or two things to try out, use promo code “REG0608” on checkout to get free standard shipping. I believe the code expires in June, 2008 – if it doesn’t work for you please let me know. Jill also assures me they offer free samples, as well (although it appears you only get a choice of 1).

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