No such thing as free chocolate

Can we all just admit I’m a little nutty/obsessive/controlling and move on?  I say this by way of preface the following announcement and explanation and in anticipation of eye rolling and shaking of heads.

I like to endlessly obsess carefully plan events that will not happen for quite some time.  If you ever had the misfortune to glimpse my Thanksgiving themed blog you probably recognized that.  This time, it’s Christmas.  Which, if you don’t have a calendar in front of you, is oh about nine months away.  Like, a really long time.  But J and I are celebrating by the joining of families in the picturesque North Georgia Mountains.  And I am hosting.  Hence my careful yet arguably premature planning (I may or may not have a legal pad filled with menu and food ideas already and I may or may not be slowly stocking up on Champagne one bottle at a time – super cheap at Costco).

A happy coincidence of my planning led me to discover Godiva Chocolate’s reward card program (don’t ask how, I don’t rightfully know). I also learned that a benefit of membership is a free piece of chocolate…every month.  How awesome is that?  The only catch is you have to actually go to their store or boutique.  And while I am loath to shop in person, it’s nice to know that on the very rare occasion I have the misfortune of finding myself at a mall* *shudder* I can lessen the pain by hitting Godiva for a free piece o’chocolate.

*I find my current mall hatred a pretty funny turn of events, considering how many mindless hours I spent just hanging out in malls during my yet-to-be-misguided youth.  Maybe I reached my lifetime mall quota or something. But seriously, I get anxious when just thinking about having to dart into a mall for some random errand.  Why I chose to live in an open-air mall I’ll never know.  Thank god for the internets and virtual commerce!



  1. Arielle Said:

    When I was down there around Christmas, Theresa had to run to the mall to return something, and I accompanied her. We spent — I kid you not — 40 minutes looking for a parking space. We always thought we had one, then another car whisked in.

    I, too, hate malls. But Godiva does make things better.

    • andirandombits Said:

      I totally believe it. Malls are bad enough but malls at Christmastime are a nightmare that should be avoided at all costs.

  2. Beth Said:

    Ha. I read this as you were saving up the free chocolates that you were getting for said Christmas gathering. I started wondering what you were doing with them. Like, did you have a freezer they were going in? That would have been a whole new level of insanity. Just joining a rewards program to go to the mall once per month and save one piece of candy so you would have a full set by the end of the year. Hard times, mate. (I may or may not know people who would do this.)

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