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This is love that I’m feeling

And it sure as hell isn’t Valentine’s Day related.  It’s actually nut related*.

I discovered a new peanut butter that has finally convinced me it’s ok if I don’t make my own – Peanut Butter & Co. The cinnamon raisin is awesome.  Here’s a list of certified delicious pairings, in no particular order:

1. toast

2. oatmeal

3. bananas

4. oatmeal with bananas

5. a spoon

6. anything ever you can think of

This stuff is awesome and there are other awesome looking varieties I’m looking forward to try, like the Dark Chocolate Dreams.   It’s trans-fat, HFCS and preservative free, plus I’ve found it at WF and Publix (in the “health-food” section, not the usual peanut butter section, for some unfathomable reason).

no more homemade for me, dammit!

*I apologize after a prolonged absence I devoted a post to peanut butter.  There are lots of things I’d like to share but I’ve been hard pressed to find the time lately.  Like, for instance, the fact that  Spring Awakening is coming to Atlanta at the Fox and there was recently an offer of two tickets for $60 for certain dates, I think the code word was “Love” or something equally obnoxious.  Or the fact that one of my favorite food blogs recently posted a recipe for “ghetto” duck confit (SWOON) and a pasta recipe using the confit (SWOON SWOON).  Or that these short ribs were perfection and you should try them now.   Ok, I guess aside from the musical, most of what I have to say is food related.  No surprise, as I’m fairly one-dimensional.  I’ll have interesting non-food obsessed food posts soon, promise (but if you could see you, you would know my fingers are crossed behind my back).