Meet ze (green) monster

I finally got up early enough this morning to make myself a Green Monster.  I’ve been seeing variations of this smoothie all over the place and finally gave it a spin.   I don’t know if I believe all the hype as  far as being a healing panacea but it was delicious, healthful and I suppose provided sufficient energy to get through mediation today without coffee – and if you’ve never been stuck in a day-long mediation that’s going nowhere, that’s really a feat, let me tell you.

Everyone kinda blanches at the spinach in smoothie idea and honestly, I wasn’t really concerned with taste, I knew with enough fruit and other stuff you wouldn’t taste the spinach.  And you don’t.  I was a little more weirded out by the color, truthfully (you eat with your eyes, you know) but in a plastic cup in the car I barely noticed.   Some people also use stuff like kale and parsley; I’m not that advanced yet.  I’ll stick with spinach for now until I turn into Popeye.

Here’s the basic recipe I used and it made 2 servings:

1 frozen banana

1 handful frozen raspberries (I really wanted strawberries but was out; raspberries tasted good but I hate the seeds)

1 container of yogurt (I used full fat vanilla flavor – use soy for a vegan version)

splash of OJ

splash of agave nectar (just a tad)

almond milk, probably b/w 1/2 and 1 cup (I didn’t measure)

1/2 scoop of whey protein powder

4 cups, give or take, spinach

Give it a whirl in the blender til well blended and it’s a vibrant green color.   Really, it’s pretty delicious.  And packed with vitamins, nutrients, whatever, yadda yadda yadda.  And feel free to reward yourself for making such a healthful breakfast like I did – by making a cherry clafouti for dessert 🙂



  1. L-Dawg Said:

    My roommate Trish and I made a cherry clafouti(s?) last night! We should have added amaretto as this recipe suggests–we have a huge bottle of it and what the fuck do you do with amaretto, you know? We also left the pits in the cherries–and today, I accidentally swallowed one of them. . . . perhaps a tiny cherry tree will begin growing in my digestive tract . . .

    • andirandombits Said:

      Amaretto sours! (Make your own sour mix – basically, a simple syrup with lemon and lime juice) pour it in coffee, over ice cream, over various fruits, etc. etc. Or, if truly desperate, chug from bottle (not recommended except in times of great alcohol emergencies, like Sundays)

      Tiny cherry tree! When can we harvest your cherries? (pun not intended)

  2. andirandombits Said:

    PS – I left my pits in too because I am laaaaaazy and lack a cherry pitter. I think J and I avoided swallowing pits but I suppose we can’t be sure til next spring.

  3. L-Dawg Said:

    PUT IT IN COFFEE!!! You are a genius!

    • andirandombits Said:

      Sadly, only when it comes to almond-flavored Italian liqueurs

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