Zombie Aminals

I have an Application for Interlocutory Appeal due this week.  Don’t know what that is?  Consider yourself lucky (and obviously not a lawyer, double lucky and smart move on your part).  I also have a headache, due to my failure to get caffeine into my system at a reasonable time this morning (I didn’t want to stain my freshly dentist-polished teeths!).  So, rather than trying to fix the formatting on the cabbage salad I intended to leave you with (it’s supper yummy, you’ll just have to wait) I leave you with zombie animals.   Parts I and II.  Enjoy.  Some highlights:

Zombie Crabs: Inside, Sacculina sets up shop, growing tendrils through the crab’s body and slowly feeding on it. It castrates the crab (if male) and effectively turns the crab into a female nanny for its young

Zombie Grasshopper: Once eaten by a grasshopper or cricket, the larval worm produces proteins that affect the insect’s brain and nervous system. By the time the worm reaches adulthood, the insect is completely under its power. The zombie grasshopper commits suicide by jumping into water, where the worm will emerge and look for a mate

Zombie fish tongue: Meanwhile, C. exigua lives its life inside the fish’s mouth, drinking blood and fish slime from the tongue’s stump. Other than the loss of its tongue, the fish suffers little from the experience, so the two can share a normal, if creepy, lifespan

Zombie Cochroach: Then the wasp will chew off half of the roach’s antennae and uses what’s left to steer the roach to a prepared nest

My personal favorite: Zombie Ants: The eggs hatch, and the larva make its way to the ant’s head where it eats it from the inside out. The ant does not immediately die, but will walk around with no direction or purpose once its brains are gone. When the larva matures, it causes the ant’s head to fall off so it can emerge as an adult fly.

Find lots more zombie aminal stories (mostly, parasites trying to get to their perferred host or trick something into protecting and feeding their offspring) at the links above.



  1. L-Dawg Said:

    Um, this is completely awful???? Only cabbage salad recipes will make me feel better now!

    • andirandombits Said:

      I think you mean completely amazing…and utterly creepy. Cabbage salad and Green Monster smoothie recipes to come soon…I hope!

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