It’s happening again…

The strange find multiple (and indeed, RANDOM) references to some new thing all at the same time.  Last time was corn fungus cum culinary delicacy.  This time it’s a book that was referenced by an Atlanta blogger and some NoCal food bloggers twitter stream (I don’t tweet, twit, etc., (as Dan Savage said, it cuts into my drinking time) but I do occasionally get sucked into the even more extreme level of voyeurism that is reading other people’s (usually strangers) tweets).  (Was that enough parentheticals for you?)  It’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Anyone read this?  Is it some new phenom and I’m (as per usual) late to the game?  (Is my incessant (and improper) use of parenthesis driving you crazy?) (ME TOO – BUT I CAN’T STOP!)  

I’m not a huge Jane Austen fan – no particular reason, I just never got into her.  But the cover art alone is enough to pique my interest.  I wish more classic books were zombified…image if Faulker had zombies?  Joyce?  Oh, the stream of consciousness horrors…literally!  (Oh, bad pun, sorry) (More parenthesis, sorry) (Can you tell I’ve had too much coffee this morning?)   ANYWAY, let me know if you’ve read the book or heard about it and if it’s as cool as the cover would lead me to believe (covers lie). 

Happy Friday everyone.  May you be safe from zombie attacks.  For now…bwahahahaha



  1. Danny Said:

    Haven’t read it yet. But it’s DEFINITELY on my list of to-do’s this summer before I leave!!!

  2. Arielle Said:

    Haven’t read it, but I read this about it — you’ll have to tell us if it’s good!

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