Oh I Want to Be Free


The man and I have DirecTV service, as well as AT&T Phone and internet.  Problem was, we didn’t have a phone.  We both have cell phones and use those exclusively.  Alarm system is not tied into phone line.  On the rare occasion we order Pay Per View (you know, when Girls Gone Wild 28 – Girls Gone Wild Ultimate Fighting Championship comes out) we do so online.  So we had this phone number (which neither of us ever knew what it us) and no phone plugged in to use it even if we wanted to (I don’t think we even had a phone in the house).  Stupid, right?  Indeed, totally stupid.

So, I googled around, as I’m prone to do.  We’ve been doing what we can to cut down on unnecessary services, now that we have two bills to pay for everything.  (Ah, the joys of two households – double the fun, double the expense!)   And, before someone mentions it, we weren’t interested in cable – tv or internet.  We have our reasons.  (The biggest being that craptastic Comcast is the only provider – um, can anyone say monopoly?).   ANNNND, it just turns out that AT&T does indeed offer standalone DSL service, sans phone line!  Score!  ANNNND, it’s available in our area.  Double score!

So I made the surprisingly painless switch with my helpful AT&T rep over the phone – we now have fast DSL and no voice service.  Which is what we had before, except now we don’t have to pay for the voice service we weren’t using.  And it’s still bundled with DirecTV so we still get that savings.  And no contract or required terms.  I had absolutely no idea this was available – did I miss the marketing pitch on this one?  I mean, if I hadn’t gone looking for it, I never would have known.  Or am I just living under a rock?

I think it’s becoming more norm to ditch traditional landlines – what’s the point if you have reliable cell service?  I know some people have legit reasons for needing landlines and for those people a free VOIP might fill in the gap.   Or maybe carrier pigeons – I think those should make a comeback.  Or telegraphs – it’s like the original Twitter.   But, you know, slower.   And without whales.  (Speaking of whales, anyone remember Voyage of the Mimi – when is that coming out on DVD?  I’d like to relive a young Ben Affleck jumping in bed with that grizzly old man and Sally Ruth wanting to see the whales).


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