Because I am type-A to the extreme, I was browsing for an Easter gift to send my in-laws.  Despite that fact that today, Ash Wednesday, is the official beginning of Lent and I have more than an entire month to find something.  Irrelevant.

Anyway, while browsing around various online outlets (why does Williams Sonoma have their Easter shop up readily accessible on-line but Target does not, btw?)  I had to actually search “Easter” on Target’s website.  They’ve yet to capitalize on the material aspects of this particular holiday.  But, minor inconveniences aside, I’ve decided I much more enjoyed the Target virtual shopping experience.  Because not only do they have a varied selection of adult Easter bunny costumes, they also have an adult Jesus costume.  Excuse me, Adults PLUS size Jesus costume.  (I didn’t realize there was a demand for plus-sized Jesus costumes but I suppose I underestimate the number of productions of Easter Passion Plays).   Plus-size Jesus alone was amusing.  But even better is that the very next item in the Easter line-up are none other than sexy Adult “Playboy Style” (my words, not theirs) white stilettos with a white puff attached to the heal.  Why not offer them with the Jesus costume and make it a Jesus/Mary Magdalene combo?  See if for yourself here.

Jesus comes in many shapes, colors and sizes

Jesus comes in many shapes, colors and sizes

I think these will make for an excellent (is it eggcelent?) church ensemble

I think these will make for an excellent (is it eggcelent?) church ensemble

UPDATE – PLEASE CLICK THAT LINK AND CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE TARGET EASTER MERCHANDISE!  It is full of awesomeness.   Like a crown of thorns headpiece for $11.49.  That for some reason, is modeled on a hookerish-looking manequin head.  And lots and lots of baby bunny costumes that I’m sure will lead to years of psychotherapy.



  1. L-Dawg Said:

    I’m adding the crown of thorns to my Target Baby wish list.

  2. L-Dawg Said:

    Oh my fucking god: .

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