Happy Birthday to Me, or, Strangest Birthday Present Ever

Is it strange for me to lust after dried beans?  I think it’s odd, even for me.  But ever since I learned about Rancho Gordo probably 4 years ago I’ve been daring myself to order what food bloggers world round promise are the best dried beans in these parts.  I talk myself out of it each time, why, I don’t really know, except to say I didn’t really *need* specialty heirloom beans, it’s a little bourgeois.  But this time, I rationalized hey, my birthday is coming up (ok, a few weeks away, but a minor detail) and this is my birthday present to myself.  Lamest birthday gift to self, ever?  Probably.  That’s ok, I’m really excited to try these.  (My sister thought it very strange when I suggested these as a Christmas gift idea and I don’t blame her).

Rancho Gordo is committed to producing heirloom and “new world” food products, mostly beans, but they offer other stuff as well (dried corn, spices, and some popcorn and red quinoa I ordered and am excited to try). Apparently, the dried beans you get in most store are already really really old – Rancho Gordo promises “fresh” dried beans.  (Some even don’t require overnight soaking).  I’m hoping I’ll be able to tell a difference, because otherwise I’ll be very disappointed. Maybe I’ll give an update once I get them and actually cook with them.  Maybe.  If anything, check out their site, they have tons of recipes for cooking with beans and a cheeky logo to boot.  And if you do, maybe you’ll catch the lust as well and I won’t feel like such a freak. That would be cool.  (Or, you might not get it, just reinforcing my freakishness.  That’s ok too, I suppose, since it would just be an affirmation of what I already know – I’m a little nuts).



  1. L-Dawg Said:

    Girl, I would have bought you some beans. Let me know how they turn out!

    • andirandombits Said:

      I’ll have everyone over for a pot of chili and you guys can tell me!

  2. L-Dawg Said:

    Eeee!! Yay! Heirloom Chili–like the chili Montezuma and Baby Jesus used to eat (not together–incompatible “world views”)!

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