Jump start the economy – buy some brownies*

Hmm…do I mention my month-long hiatus or just leave it to your imaginations?  Probably much more interesting because I don’t really have anything to say other than: holidays, etc. etc.  The news coverage is dominated by THE ECONOMY and OBAMA and there, unfortunately, has not been a lot of hilariously random stuff going on.

But, in other news, I present to those of you who are not familiar – Mari’s of New York – the bestest tiniest brownies around.  I had a box sent to J’s office as a VD gift last year (this year – he gets jack.  Wait, that’s not true, he already got a present – a print of a male brook trout to match the female I got him for Christmas – so now he has the couple! collectively now…awwwww).  ANYWAY, I sent him a dozen, the special VD themed box and the signature selection.  Is it bad to send self-serving gifts?  Because we all know I got to try the brownies too.  Oh well, he enjoyed them and that’s all that matters.  In fact, I just ordered a dozen to be delivered to my brother-in-law’s fiance for her upcoming birthday.  That’s how much I believe in this product, I ordered from them twice!  In any event, if you’re looking for a yummy treat for someone, I recommend highly.  Apparently they’re available in Atlanta, as well – the site lists them available at Savor and a few other places.

Adorable AND tasty - you really can't go wrong.

Adorable AND tasty - you really can't go wrong.

Sorry to come back with such a lame-ass post.  I’ll get back in the game – eventually.   Hopefully the news will get interesting again soon – rather than soul numbingly boring, like it has been.

*note I did not say “make some special brownies.”  Although I don’t judge if you read it that way.


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