Get yourself a shave, boy!

Going crazy trying to figure out a present for your man?  Yeah, me too.  I’ve got some iders, but still haven’t figured out the perfect gift.  I know Christmas isn’t supposed to be about gifts, it’s about being together and quality time, etc. etc. But whatever, I’m going to get my husband a present.  A good one.  So shove it with your sanctimonious “Christmas is too over commercialized, you materialist whore” nonsense.   Because I’m not hearing it.

Anyway, to help out other like minded gift shoppers with significant menfolk in their life, Grooming Lounge is offering 15% off today and tomorrow, including gift cards.  Their gift cards for use in the store are actually gift cards for services, while a monetary amount gift card is for products purchased on the web, only.  Regardless, all gift cards and products are 15% off.  Just use code “Fivestar” at checkout.  Sale ends tomorrow, December 4.  And before anyone gets all huffy thinking a men’s salon is too girly, get over it.  They also offer non-masculinity threatening massages and whatnot, for those menfolk not entirely secure in their own 😉

I have to add, in the interest of full disclosure, I won’t be getting J anything from here, because he’s yet to utilize the gift card I got him several months again (it might even have been a year by now).  I think I’m just going to have the make the appointment for him and drive him there myself, or he may never get around to it!


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