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Rumors are flying around Ann Coulter, evil she-devil spawn filled with nothing but hatred and venom, broke her jaw and has her mouth wired shut.  Maybe it’s because she didn’t have dinner ready on time.

Oh, sweet justice

Oh, sweet justice


Because it’s probably really boring

I’ve moved all Andi and Josh’s First Thanksgiving related posts over to

Feel free not to visit, it’s really more for my own purposes.  But mostly, I didn’t want to clutter this space with boring holiday stuff.

Random Thanksgiving

Andi’s Very First Thanksgiving™ (as a hostess) will go down in six days. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been OBSESSING over it in a rather unhealthy (and probably boring) way. My apologies to everyone who’s put up with my yammering on about it (hehe…yam). The whole process is really entertaining for me, as I love reading about food and selecting my menu has been an ongoing creative process I’ve really enjoyed. Thus, I talk about it way too much. To that end, after the jump, is my Thanksgiving Menu. I’ve decided to do Traditional Thanksgiving™ this year – have to learn to walk before you can run. Or something like that.

I’d also like to mention I’ve ordered a box of Thanksgiving themed produce from Moore Farms and Friends. Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Apples, Pecans, Oranges, Cranberries and more. All local, all organic. Does it get than using farm fresh produce for your Thanksgiving feast while also supporting local agriculture? I think not.

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Looks like someone got their over-sized maternity panties in a twist

It’s a slow news day folks, so I apologize for posting about this non-controversy. I just mostly find the whole thing pretty ridiculous.

Apparently, Motrin posted an ad on its website. See below and judge for yourself. I see this ad as saying “hey, moms, you’re carrying some extra weight. That can cause aches and pains. Buy our product for said pains.” Apparently, “mommy bloggers” (whatever those are, but apparently they’re an angry bunch with time on their hands) interpreted the ad to be offensive? somehow. I’m not really sure how they’re offended, but dammit they are! I think some people are just too sensitive and need to focus their energies on more important things.

Friday Afternoon Hilarity

Need Friday afternoon distraction?  Here it is, courtesy of Ben.

The 6 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Old School PSAs

A collection of PSAs from times past that teach us the danger of pornography, mentally deranged homosexuals, poor grooming habits, drugs (of course) and what to do in case of nuclear/atomic bomb attack. No wonder society is on the downside, we didn’t have the benefit of these educational videos to keep us on the straight and narrow. I say Youtube is the new PSA.

Regardless, funny stuff. Check it out.

I much prefer David Bowie’s Goblin King

But I understand there are those out there who enjoy Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal as well.  In conjunction with its current Jim Henson exhibit (he’s just all over the ATL, isn’t he?), the Atlanta History Center is screening The Dark Crystal Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 5:30 pm.  Tickets are $25, which is a bit steep for a movie you could probably rent on Blockbuster for $5 (or steal online for free, if that’s your thing, not that I condone that).  However, ticket price includes extras like food from the Varsity (um, is that *really* a selling point?), two drink tickets and extra Jim Henson clips.  Admission is 21 and up.


PS: The voice behind Gonzo and Boober Fraggle, Dave Goelz, will be introducing the screening.

Reclaiming the MTV generation

It’s a phrase that’s become all too cliched – “Remember when MTV used to play music videos?”  But it was true.  Faux realitytv, endless iterations of Real World and Road Rules, Cribs…anything but music, right?

Well, music videos are now where they belong – on the Internet, on demand and for free.  I guess MTV finally realized they better offer up some competition to Youtube or become completely irrelevant (as opposed to only partly).  I love how the majority of the “Most Viewed” and “Top Rated” are all the innovative music videos that really made MTV something exciting – Dire Straits “Money for Nothing,” the inaugural “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles, etc.  Oh, and Britney Spears’ “Womanizer,” a video which strained my comprehension (couldn’t help myself – why is she writhing around naked?  Is she the womanizer? I really don’t get it).  Regardless, it’s a fun diversion and honestly, it’s about time.

Rock the Vote, Get Free Stuff

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning to get in lines before the polls opened. That’s right, I’m one of the idiots who didn’t request an absentee ballot in time. In any event, I was in line at 6:30 and had my “I’m Georgia Voter” sticker on by 8. Not bad, certainly better than the 4+ hour waits for early voting!

Apparently, lots of businesses are offering freebies, even if it may allegedly violate election law. Word is that these places are giving free stuff out, regardless of whether you voted or not. Here’s a partial list:

Starbucks – free tall coffee

Krispy Kreme – free patriotic donut (supposedly requires a “I Voted” sticker)

Ben & Jerrys – free scoop

Chick-fil-a – I’ve seen several different rumors of offerings, some stores may be giving out free chicken sandwiches, some free brownies or ice dreams. It’ll probably depend on your local store.

Express is offering 20% off, today only

Daily Candy included a 20% off offer at Mitzi & Romano with an “I Voted” sticker, 1038 North Highland Avenue)

El Bar is offering a free shot with you “I voted” sticker

Here’s a list of other deals around Atlanta.

Regardless of what you may potentially get out of it, GO VOTE! I had to really struggle to get out of bed this morning but I knew I would be filled with so much regret if I blew it off. And I’m so thrilled I was a part of this historic election and that I’m now a part of history. Beyond my ego, there’s a lot at stake, nationally and locally. Never has your vote mattered so much so get thee to the polls! Ahora!

Ok, stepping of my soapbox. Sorry about that. But seriously, vote.