This is Halloween

As such, there are lots of holiday-themed activities going on around the city. I won’t point out the obvious ones, (ok, maybe I will) but I did want to draw attention to the Center for Puppetry Arts and the Ghastly Dreadfuls show. I took my sister and we enjoyed the show; I thought it was fairly clever, even if some of the pacing was off and a few of the stories ran a bit long. This is the first show I’ve seen at the center and was pretty impressed by the wide range of puppetry techniques employed. It’s an “adult” show (no one under 14) so don’t be concerned that it’s too kiddy for you. The night I went they had a special interlude by Dames Aflame (I’ve been dying to see one of their shows) and also had large Dios de Los Muertos puppets. Show runs til November 1, sorry about the late notice. If you get the chance I suggest checking it out.

Also, as a bonus, you get admission to the Jim Henson exhibit – not only do they have Big Bird but also puppets from Labyrinth! Including the Helping Hands, Sir Didymus, the Guards and a few others. I think that was the best surprise of the night.


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  1. Danny Said:

    I saw that last year! It IS a lot of fun. We got to see dancing zombie. Rel and I, later on, also saw the Center’s XPT “experimental” puppetry performance. It was….. unique……

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