Drink yourself well

Well, it’s about that time. Temperature is starting to drop (ugh) and it’s soon to be cold season. J came back from his senseless-waste-of-time-and-money productive corporate retreat with some sort of sinus/throat infection. He hardly ever gets sick so I’ve never really had to take care of him before. (Usually it’s the other way around and he has to force feed me Nyquil because I am a terrible patient and hate taking medicine). In any event, he’s definitely a more well behaved when sick than I. Possibly in part because he slept for a majority of the evening.

Deciding to put my wifely skills to good use, I made chicken soup, from scratch. Like, with real chicken parts and making the stock at home. It turned out well and the recipe/technique will be the subject of its own post (eventually). For now, an easy recipe that I used to get myself through cold season last year. I call it a hot toddy, I’m not sure if it fits the technical description. I think traditional toddy recipes call for tea or milk or coffee (milk or coffee seem to defeat the purpose). Regardless, even if you’re not a fan of bourbon (I have friends who call that blasphemous), this is actually a tasty drink that really soothes your throat. I suggest 2 before bedtime 🙂

Andi’s Sleepy Time Feel Better Drink aka – Kinda a Hot Toddy

Fill 1/2 mug with water and microwave for 1min 15 seconds (or, fill a mug 1/2 way with warm water from a kettle, NOT BOILING)

Add 1-1.5 shots bourbon (I recommend Wild Turkey, since that’s usually what I have on hand)

Squeeze in a healthy wedge of fresh lemon juice

Add honey to taste, about 2 tsp.

Stir, sip and enjoy the healing.
PS: those who don’t imbibe could sub spiced apple cider or tea for the bourbon.


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