Dreaming of contraband pancakes

So, I really didn’t want to talk about this here, because it’s embarrassing and this is not really a personal diary blog, but this is kinda too funny not to share.

So, I’ve been dabbling with the South Beach diet since Sunday. Don’t ask me why. It’s insanity, I know. And for the most part, I’ve been pretty good about sticking with it (even gave up coffee!) even though it’s not exactly super fun. (I will say, I will def be cheating this weekend).

Anyway, that’s just to explain the funny (to me, at least) part. Last night I had a totally wacky dream. In my dream, I was traveling and at some point during my travels I decided I wanted to pack away some pancakes as a snack. (Yes, it made sense in the dream). So I make some pancakes, froze them and put them inside a baggie in my suitcase, along with some plastic wrap-covered ramekins of butter (I love ramekins. And butter).  Already nuts. But it gets better.

So I’m at a nearly-seedy hotel and end up leaving the suitcase with the pancakes in it on the sidewalk (the hotel was on a second level). I checked in and all of a sudden these two FBI agents (who were also marionette puppets, read into that what you will) started following me. Once I got to my room, a helicopter started shining that horrible flood light inside and I started freaking out. Eventually, I learn that some sort of contingent of federales had found my suitcase and found the pancakes and butter to be suspicious and thought I was somehow smuggling drugs. I kept trying to explain it was just pancakes, just a snack for later, but they didn’t believe me.

Anyway, the point is, I was carrying illegal pancakes, apparently. Yeah, I dreamed about illegal pancakes. How messed up is that? As J said, this is my brain on protein. So watch out on South Beach, who knows what tricks your brain will play on you. (I didn’t see anything about wacky dreams in the book; must be a forthcoming chapter in the revised version).



  1. Lyndsey Said:

    The fact that you are on a diet saddens me. This isn’t the girl I knew who made mashed potato quesadillas. I seem to remember you doing that sometime in law school.

  2. andirandombits Said:

    I agree, it is sad. Now I want some mashed potato quesadillas…

  3. Arielle Said:

    That makes me laugh. Although perhaps smuggling drugs in ramekins of butter and their associated pancakes is a little bit brilliant 🙂

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