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Happy Halloween!


This is Halloween

As such, there are lots of holiday-themed activities going on around the city. I won’t point out the obvious ones, (ok, maybe I will) but I did want to draw attention to the Center for Puppetry Arts and the Ghastly Dreadfuls show. I took my sister and we enjoyed the show; I thought it was fairly clever, even if some of the pacing was off and a few of the stories ran a bit long. This is the first show I’ve seen at the center and was pretty impressed by the wide range of puppetry techniques employed. It’s an “adult” show (no one under 14) so don’t be concerned that it’s too kiddy for you. The night I went they had a special interlude by Dames Aflame (I’ve been dying to see one of their shows) and also had large Dios de Los Muertos puppets. Show runs til November 1, sorry about the late notice. If you get the chance I suggest checking it out.

Also, as a bonus, you get admission to the Jim Henson exhibit – not only do they have Big Bird but also puppets from Labyrinth! Including the Helping Hands, Sir Didymus, the Guards and a few others. I think that was the best surprise of the night.

A Moment of Silence, Please, for the Human Tornado

Rudy Ray Moore, aka Dolemite, passed away Sunday evening.  If you’ve never seen any Dolemite films, you’re missing out.  I named my cat Queen Bee after the madame in the movies.  I can hear Rudy Ray Moore in pimp heaven now… “I’m gonna let ’em know that Dolemite is back on the scene! I’m gonna let ’em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin’ up motha fuckas is my game!”  You get ’em, Rudy, you go get ’em.

Chicky Chicky Bang Bang

Apparently, there’s some truth to the rumor that chicken soup is good for colds. I’m too lazy to post a link so go Google it. (Isn’t it great that Google became a verb?) Regardless of what “science” says about it, a steaming bowl of warm homemade soup made with love (or something bearing a marked resemblance) will make any pitiful patient feel better. (Well, with the caveat the soup has to taste good. You can’t just hand over a bowl of brothy-water filled with chicken feet. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be nice. Even if chicken feet make the best chicken stock).

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m terrible with the recipe writing. I have too many asides and substitutions. Therefore, I will include an overly long preface. Feel free to skip ahead to the recipe and go from there, if you wish.

First, recipes are guidelines, and in almost all cases (except when baking) ingredients/amounts are negotiable. Therefore, feel free to sub at will. Don’t like carrots and celery? Sub other root vegetables (but probably not potatoes, as they could get mushy). Don’t have Northern Beans on hand? Use what ya got. Or, for the traditionalist, omit the beans altogether and add those wide egg noodles (I found whole wheat egg noodles at Publix; next time I might give those a whirl). Don’t like spinach in soup? Leave it out. Vegetarian? Use vegetable stock and omit the chicken. (I don’t have a recipe for vegetable stock but I think it’s fairly easy to make. Google it. See, there’s that verb again!) My point is, everything is up for grabs. Add/subtract as you like. It don’t hurt my feelings none.

If you’re wondering where I got my inspiration from, check out one of my all time favorite food bloggers, Elise at Simply Recipes. LOVE HER SITE! I would marry it if I could. (wait, that would make me a polygamer…maybe not). Here is her recipe for chicken stock (I used method 2) and chicken soup. My recipes are variations thereof. Read all about it after the cut.

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Drink yourself well

Well, it’s about that time. Temperature is starting to drop (ugh) and it’s soon to be cold season. J came back from his senseless-waste-of-time-and-money productive corporate retreat with some sort of sinus/throat infection. He hardly ever gets sick so I’ve never really had to take care of him before. (Usually it’s the other way around and he has to force feed me Nyquil because I am a terrible patient and hate taking medicine). In any event, he’s definitely a more well behaved when sick than I. Possibly in part because he slept for a majority of the evening.

Deciding to put my wifely skills to good use, I made chicken soup, from scratch. Like, with real chicken parts and making the stock at home. It turned out well and the recipe/technique will be the subject of its own post (eventually). For now, an easy recipe that I used to get myself through cold season last year. I call it a hot toddy, I’m not sure if it fits the technical description. I think traditional toddy recipes call for tea or milk or coffee (milk or coffee seem to defeat the purpose). Regardless, even if you’re not a fan of bourbon (I have friends who call that blasphemous), this is actually a tasty drink that really soothes your throat. I suggest 2 before bedtime 🙂

Andi’s Sleepy Time Feel Better Drink aka – Kinda a Hot Toddy

Fill 1/2 mug with water and microwave for 1min 15 seconds (or, fill a mug 1/2 way with warm water from a kettle, NOT BOILING)

Add 1-1.5 shots bourbon (I recommend Wild Turkey, since that’s usually what I have on hand)

Squeeze in a healthy wedge of fresh lemon juice

Add honey to taste, about 2 tsp.

Stir, sip and enjoy the healing.
PS: those who don’t imbibe could sub spiced apple cider or tea for the bourbon.

Happy Alien Invasion Day!

Yeah, today, in Alabama. Sounds like a great contact point for any extraterrestrials. Observe human beings at their finest. But hey, don’t take my word for it (thank you, LeVar Burton). Just ask psychic Blossom Goodchild. She’s got the message from the aliens about how they come in Love, much like Mr. Burns did. (Click “Federation of Light” on the left hand menu, then “Message”).



Connecticut High Court overturns ban on gay marriage

Wo-hoo, chalk up another state for gay rights! It really sucks that something as important as extending fundamental civil liberties to gay couples has to be a piecemeal state-by-state effort, but I hoping Barack’s administration does something to remedy that (let’s just be honest, we all know he’s going to win). In the meantime, I’ll take victory where I can find it. Way to go Connecticut!

Dreaming of contraband pancakes

So, I really didn’t want to talk about this here, because it’s embarrassing and this is not really a personal diary blog, but this is kinda too funny not to share.

So, I’ve been dabbling with the South Beach diet since Sunday. Don’t ask me why. It’s insanity, I know. And for the most part, I’ve been pretty good about sticking with it (even gave up coffee!) even though it’s not exactly super fun. (I will say, I will def be cheating this weekend).

Anyway, that’s just to explain the funny (to me, at least) part. Last night I had a totally wacky dream. In my dream, I was traveling and at some point during my travels I decided I wanted to pack away some pancakes as a snack. (Yes, it made sense in the dream). So I make some pancakes, froze them and put them inside a baggie in my suitcase, along with some plastic wrap-covered ramekins of butter (I love ramekins. And butter).  Already nuts. But it gets better.

So I’m at a nearly-seedy hotel and end up leaving the suitcase with the pancakes in it on the sidewalk (the hotel was on a second level). I checked in and all of a sudden these two FBI agents (who were also marionette puppets, read into that what you will) started following me. Once I got to my room, a helicopter started shining that horrible flood light inside and I started freaking out. Eventually, I learn that some sort of contingent of federales had found my suitcase and found the pancakes and butter to be suspicious and thought I was somehow smuggling drugs. I kept trying to explain it was just pancakes, just a snack for later, but they didn’t believe me.

Anyway, the point is, I was carrying illegal pancakes, apparently. Yeah, I dreamed about illegal pancakes. How messed up is that? As J said, this is my brain on protein. So watch out on South Beach, who knows what tricks your brain will play on you. (I didn’t see anything about wacky dreams in the book; must be a forthcoming chapter in the revised version).

Best of Both Worlds

No, it’s not the Miley Cyrus movie.  Hotlanta + Octoberfest = Hotoberfest (I can’t claim credit for that one, thank goodness).

This Saturday, Oct. 4, 12-7, in Glenwood Park.  There will be beer.  And something about sustainability.  Whatever that is.  Public entry is free; entry to the Beer Garten (sigh) is $30 in advance, $35 at the door.  Includes beer tasting.  There’s also VIP tix for $50.  Don’t forget your lederhosen!