Gas wo-ahs.

If you live in Georgia, you already know what I mean so I’m not going to bother with the history.  However, Twitter has a constantly updating conversation going on about where to find gas in the Metro Atlanta area.  Also, if you use AAA service, if you’re stranded they can come deliver up to 5(?) gallons of gasoline (I think it’s five, not entirely sure).  I think one thing we can all agree on – this is getting kinda ridiculous.



  1. Danny Said:

    What’s even more ridiculous, I thought, was that not only does CA have plenty of gas, but it’s cheaper than it is here by a good $.30-.40!

  2. andirandombits Said:

    Crazy, right? I was just in NY and it was cheaper there, as well. And it’s always more expensive there! People need to quit actin a fool, in my humble opinion.

  3. L-Dawg Said:

    Thanks for the twitter link–finally found gas because of it!!!

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