Nothing like waiting til the last minute

Last night, two hours before he was to be executed, the United States Supreme Court granted Troy Anthony Davis a stay of execution in order to consider his appeal.  It appears there is still a modicum of justice in the world.  For now.

In case you haven’t been following, Troy Davis was accused of shooting and killing police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah in 1989.  There was no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime; he was convicted solely on the basis of witness testimony.  Of the nine witnesses who testified against him at trial, SEVEN have since recanted, claiming they were coerced.  Davis was scheduled to be executed about two years ago when the Board of Pardons and Parole granted a stay in order to review the case.  They declined to commute his sentence.  The Georgia Supreme Court also failed to overturn his sentence.  Apparently, they were more interested in finality than in protecting an innocent man.

In any event, Davis has one last shot.  I sincerely hope the Supreme Court commutes his sentence.  I am against the death penalty, period, and this is a fine example of why it is ineffective.  There have been hundreds of death row inmates cleared through DNA evidence; unfortunately in this case there was no DNA evidence.  Only witness testimony; over 75% of which was later recanted.  I can’t imagine how anyone could sleep at night after making the decision to execute a person on that evidence.


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