It’s not an tumor!

If you’re reading this, look over to the side bar on the right.  (yes, the right, I made sure to double check).  It’s not an ad, I promise.  Ok, maybe it is sort of an ad but I don’t get paid for it.  It’s an “ad” for Kiva, a site that helps connect lenders of microloans to the entrepreneurs who need the funds.  I’ve been fascinated by the idea of microcredit for awhile (ok, embarrassing admission, I learned about it from NPR.  Yes, I’m one of those people).  And now, you have a chance to make micro loans yourself.  I learned about this wonderful program from my oft mentioned favorite food blog, 101 Cookbooks.  She even started a 101 Cookbooks Kiva Team.

I went ahead and registered, although I haven’t been able to make a loan yet (still haven’t rec’d my new cards yet and no way I’m linking paypal to my bank account) but I plan to, soon.  It’s amazing what $25 can mean to people in other countries without access to capital.  Not to be preachy or anything, but it’s pretty awesome.  Plus, there is very little risk involved, a very high percentage of loans are repaid.  A ridiculous amount, especially considering the amount of mortgages currently being repaid (what’s the foreclosure rate now?  Like a million?) Anyway, that concludes my do-gooding for the week.  I promise to return to my usual self centered and misanthropic posts soon 🙂


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