Fall has fallen

Despite what the temperature may be telling you, fall is here. I present my evidence below.

  1. COLLEGE FOOTBALL! I won’t rant about the TRAVESTY that is rankings, dropping GA down a notch just because USC managed to beat Virginia because really, it moves the target off the Bulldogs backs and squarely on that of the Trojans. But still, totally BS.
  2. Cinnamon brooms. Really, these are wonderful. And at your nearest grocery store now. For $5 make your whole house smell delicious.
  3. Sam Adams Octoberfest. I’ve mentioned my general distaste for Sam Adams beer but boy do I love me some Octoberfest. I almost caused a scene with I saw the first case in stores. J, while not as jazzed as me, was very kind about my public enthusiasm. Seriously, Octoberfest tastes like bottled fall in much the same way Abita Purple Haze tastes purple. It’s delicious and goes fantastic with not only college football Saturdays but also, apparently, bratwursts (according to the bottle). So get you some before it’s no longer available.


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