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The first sign of Armageddon

In the beginning, there were Crocs. And they were ugly.

Then there were high heel Crocs. And they were uglier yet.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I do NOT feel fine!

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly loath Crocs any more...

It hurts to look at them


Best Saved by the Bell Scene Ever

Randomly (ha) came across this today. I had forgotten how most excellent it was.

Gas wo-ahs.

If you live in Georgia, you already know what I mean so I’m not going to bother with the history.  However, Twitter has a constantly updating conversation going on about where to find gas in the Metro Atlanta area.  Also, if you use AAA service, if you’re stranded they can come deliver up to 5(?) gallons of gasoline (I think it’s five, not entirely sure).  I think one thing we can all agree on – this is getting kinda ridiculous.

Bojangles is famous

Not only does my cat have a restaurant, he will soon be available on a license plate. Unfortunately, we don’t get a commission for the plate bearing his likeness; proceeds go to How totally lame and geeky would I be if insisted on getting this license plate? I think the answer is “very, very lame.” But that probably wouldn’t stop me.

Seriously, all I can do is shake my head

What the hell is wrong with people?!!! Thieves broke into a charity warehouse and stole a truck loaded with food and diapers intended to be distributed to needy families. I honestly don’t have anything to say except my god society is on the down slide.

Nothing like waiting til the last minute

Last night, two hours before he was to be executed, the United States Supreme Court granted Troy Anthony Davis a stay of execution in order to consider his appeal.  It appears there is still a modicum of justice in the world.  For now.

In case you haven’t been following, Troy Davis was accused of shooting and killing police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah in 1989.  There was no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime; he was convicted solely on the basis of witness testimony.  Of the nine witnesses who testified against him at trial, SEVEN have since recanted, claiming they were coerced.  Davis was scheduled to be executed about two years ago when the Board of Pardons and Parole granted a stay in order to review the case.  They declined to commute his sentence.  The Georgia Supreme Court also failed to overturn his sentence.  Apparently, they were more interested in finality than in protecting an innocent man.

In any event, Davis has one last shot.  I sincerely hope the Supreme Court commutes his sentence.  I am against the death penalty, period, and this is a fine example of why it is ineffective.  There have been hundreds of death row inmates cleared through DNA evidence; unfortunately in this case there was no DNA evidence.  Only witness testimony; over 75% of which was later recanted.  I can’t imagine how anyone could sleep at night after making the decision to execute a person on that evidence.

I don’t care if it is a hoax, I’m never taking a bath again.

A woman is claiming while taking a bath two small snakes emerged from the faucet.  While “experts” claim that is impossible, they ADMIT that it MAY HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE THEY EMERGED FROM THE DRAIN.  Regardless, I am never ever taking a bath ever again.  MSN video on the subject here (no, they unfortunately do not show the snakes emerging from the faucet or drain).

What is it with these authors sharing my birthday?

Both Chuck Palahniuk and David Foster Wallace were born exactly, to the date, twenty years before me. (Yes, they were born on the same day). As you’ve probably seen in today’s headlines, David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest and McArthur genius grant recipient, has apparently committed suicide. I really do think great creative talents run a little closer to the edge than most of us.

As for the birthday tie-in? Eh, I guess we’re just all overly emotional Pisces on the cusp. I certainly don’t belong in the category of great literary talent but do find the coincidence very odd.

A Plea

Ok guys, I could use a moment of your time. Please. As many of you may or may not know, my house is currently situated across the street from the GA Tech Girl’s softball field. The GA Tech Foundation (the fund raising arm of Ga Tech) owns the land and is currently in negotiations to sell the land to a developer. For obvious reasons, we don’t want that to happen.

The neighborhood has started an online petition to make our opposition known to the powers that be. Even if you don’t live in the area, even if you hate Ga Tech, I would really appreciate it if you take the 10 seconds it takes to look at the petition and, if you agree, please provide your signature. Strength in numbers, etc. etc. And please pass this on to anyone you can. You will have my undying appreciation. And, I’ll make you cookies (is that a bribe? I hope not).


It’s not an tumor!

If you’re reading this, look over to the side bar on the right.  (yes, the right, I made sure to double check).  It’s not an ad, I promise.  Ok, maybe it is sort of an ad but I don’t get paid for it.  It’s an “ad” for Kiva, a site that helps connect lenders of microloans to the entrepreneurs who need the funds.  I’ve been fascinated by the idea of microcredit for awhile (ok, embarrassing admission, I learned about it from NPR.  Yes, I’m one of those people).  And now, you have a chance to make micro loans yourself.  I learned about this wonderful program from my oft mentioned favorite food blog, 101 Cookbooks.  She even started a 101 Cookbooks Kiva Team.

I went ahead and registered, although I haven’t been able to make a loan yet (still haven’t rec’d my new cards yet and no way I’m linking paypal to my bank account) but I plan to, soon.  It’s amazing what $25 can mean to people in other countries without access to capital.  Not to be preachy or anything, but it’s pretty awesome.  Plus, there is very little risk involved, a very high percentage of loans are repaid.  A ridiculous amount, especially considering the amount of mortgages currently being repaid (what’s the foreclosure rate now?  Like a million?) Anyway, that concludes my do-gooding for the week.  I promise to return to my usual self centered and misanthropic posts soon 🙂

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