I’ve got nuttin

Except it’s a three day weekend and there is tons o’ fun going on all over the place.  And while I’m totally showing my true geek colors, don’t forget the Decatur Book Festival this weekend (whether your plan or attending or not – if not, I suggest you avoid the area).

But really, the BEST thing about this weekend?  That’s right, COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  You are know I am a very vocal Dawgs fan.  Unfortunately, I will not be at the game this weekend and given where I will be on Saturday I most likely will not be able to watch the game either (only a few cable carriers are offering it on Pay Per View).  I will be listening on the radio, however, (which is nice b/c I much prefer the radio announcers to the douchebag network commentators), beer in hand, on the dock with some of my favoritest men folk.  Also, Uga VII will be revealed and I heard rumors he’s five month old puppy.   How freaking cute is that!

Georgia is playing a I-AA team tomorrow, so I expect us to kick ass but it might not be the most interesting game.  (Sorry, Chef, but you know GA Southern is simply not up to the challenge).  Regardless, I’m so excited to be back into football season; J has been talking about it for a month.  Regardless of which team you root for (or even if you don’t care about football at all, which is baffling to me, but whatever), I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  If you know of something particular fun to do, leave it in the comments.



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