Insert lame pun about “Home” here ->

Ok, so remember Home?  (Ok, I admit, it totally drives me bonkers when embedded blog links are self referential.  How arrogant can you get?  Here’s the Home homepage.  Be forewarned, the Here to Serve intro is mucho annoying).  I finally got to check it out last night.  Love the space.  I wish my dining room could look like Home’s.  Also, service was pretty good.  I tend to get annoyed when waiters go into long spiels trying to educate me about stuff I already know (if I’m eating at Richard Blais’s restaurant and I’m from Atlanta, you can assume I know a. who Richard Blais is and that he was on top chef (hey, I remember him from the foi gras milkshake Blais days, tyvm), b. I know what foie gras and sous vide, etc.  mean and c. I am pretty familiar with Blais’s penchant for making odd things with liquid nitrogen), but he was trying so I guess I can give him some credit.  I really hate having people explain stuff to me I already know, but that’s a personal issue so I won’t take it out on the waiter.  (I did sit there patiently and politely during the non-info session, just so you know).

Anyway, I think J nailed it when he described the food in baseball terms – a solid double.  (No, not a “Home – hehehe” run).   The deviled duck eggs with duck confit was either a. the stringiest duck known to man or b. not duck at all.  It didn’t have much duck gamey flavor and the confit preparation usually makes for succulent meat – given the very stringy meat on top of the otherwise good deviled eggs I am suspicious.  My crab cake appetizer was good, not excellent, but definitely good.  J did enjoy his foie gras and buttermilk pancakes.  I had a bite, it indeed was a highlight.  Our entrees (salmon for me, fried chicken with cauliflower mac and cheese for him) were good, not outstanding.  Home serves spur of the moment family style sides.  The cauliflower puree was too salty.  The braised carrots were a little bland.  I did enjoy the picked salad, it was a surprise hit.  The green beans had a hint of spiciness I enjoyed.  Oh, and the biscuits and five pepper jelly were very good.

One other note – I uncharacteristically ordered a fruit cocktail from their cocktail menu – some sort of blackberry lemonade concoction.   It tasted like soapy Pinesol.  If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I don’t waste alcohol.  But I actually had to send this back and go with a safe Grey Goose and tonic (with an olive).  Let me repeat, lest the impact not sink in – I sent back an alcoholic drink.  Unheard of.

J and I enjoyed ourselves.  I’m glad I finally got to try this place.  I encourage others to try it as well and come to their own conclusions.  I don’t think it will make our regular rotation, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a dinner here.  I’m also not going to judge Blais based on this menu and I’m still eager to see what becomes of Flip.  So yeah, as J said, Home hit a solid double.  Agree, disagree?  Leave it in the comments.


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