In other dining news…

Ruth’s Chris has extended their summer celebration deal.  I don’t know when it expires so you may want to contact the restaurant beforehand to make sure it’s still going on.  J and I took advantage of this back in June, I believe (I treated him as a thank you for the awesome honeymoon/vacation).  I didn’t have very high expectations but was pleasantly surprised over how good it was (I’m normally suspicious of high end chains).  The deal is dinner for two for $89 (plus tax and tip, of course).  It’s a limited menu; each person gets a first course (three options), an entree (five options; the petite fillet was more than enough food for me), choice of two sides to share (they are big sides) and a dessert to share (the berries with cream was decadently delicious).  I ended up bringing home the rest of my steak and mashed potatoes which made an excellent breakfast the next morning.

All in all, not bad for $89.  Of course a bottle of wine will set you back a bit more (they also offer half bottles) but I ended up being pretty pleased with our dining experience.  (We dined at the Buckhead location).  Service was top notch as well.  This is a pretty ideal date night dinner.  If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try Ruth’s Chris here it is.


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