DIY (sort of) Cookbook

This is the second post on this topic, the first was inadvertently lost forever.  Let’s just assume it was very brilliant and witty.

ANYWAY, I learned about this service quite awhile ago but now I will certainly get around to utilizing it.  Tastebook is a service where you can upload your own personal recipes or collect recipes from a huge database ( I believe they’re linked to Epicurious, a site so addicting I had to block it from my work computer so consider yourself warned).  Your recipes are then bound and you receive a pretty shiny cookbook made by you.

Then reason I need to finally get off my butt and order is because they have a summer sale – 20% off any order over $34.95 (the price for a 100-recipe book).  Once I manage to whittle my various recipes collections down to a manageable number I’ll be ordering a few books.  These would also make a great personalized gift for someone who loves to cook.  The code is “summer” and the offer ends September 9.

My personal recipes are all over the place.  I keep a separate Gmail account dedicated to recipes and food topics (the label function is so excellent for this purpose), a huge list of food blog bookmarks, and two three-ring binders with all my printed recipes.  I use plastic sleeve covers, which is great because any splatters and spills clean right off.  It would be great to consolidate into something a little more organized and neat looking.  Plus, you can add your own photos.  I’m not a great photographer but I think including random photos that have nothing to do with the recipe would be funny.  In any event, if you’re in my boat with tons of scattered recipes, no reason why now isn’t the perfect time to organize your system.



  1. Ben Said:

    I haven’t used it myself, but here’s a link to another cookbook-creating web service that Gabi seemed pretty impressed by. The company was made by a local guy I’ve met with for tech advice a few times…

  2. andirandombits Said:

    Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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