A little part of my childhood just died

Out in the California desert, near Palm Springs, there are these giant dinosaurs by the side of the freeway.  I’m not making this up.  When we would travel to see my grandparents, passing the dinosaurs was a big trip highlight.  It also served as a landmark since my tiny childhood brain couldn’t really compute mileage and whatnot.  Also, anyone who has seen The Wizard will recognize these (remember when Super Mario Bros. 3 was like, THE ULTIMATE in gaming awesomeness?  It still is in my book). 

I’m not sure what prompted this, but I started thinking about the dinosaurs today.  I did some internetting to find the backstory because I never knew who was behind them or why they were there.  Well, I should have let well enough alone.  According to this website, the dinosaurs at Cabazon are supposed to be  part of some sort of propaganda scheme against evolution.  It links to all these “scientific articles” about why the theory of evolution is false.  They’re Christain dinosaurs!  Who knew?  I mean, I always thought the dinosaurs were Zoroastorian myself.  But what do I know, I’m a lawyer, not a scientist.

Dinosaurs deep in prayer, asking God why he didn't put them on the ark

Dinosaurs deep in prayer, asking God why he didn't put them on the ark


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  1. Anonymous Said:

    Wow, this is dissapointing, I thought they were soley there for our amusement, not to educate us on creationism…

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