So helplessly out of date

But then again, no one has ever mistaken me for a trendsetter.  Ok, I know everyone already knows about this service.  To be honest, I heard of it previously but never bothered checking it out, since new things frighten and confuse me (much like Caveman Lawyer).

Anyway, this not new but newly utilized by me service is SeeqPod.  I’ve been rocking the Pandora mostly at work, but I’m sometimes frustrated by the lack of control.   SeeqPod is actually a search engine which finds links to free music online which you can save to a “playlist.”  Which means, on demand music.  Not the best quality and selections may be limited but it fills a gap left by Pandora.  I’m not abandoning Pandora but when I have a NEED to listen to a specific song (mostly bad pop currently), it’s all SeeqPod.

So, fictitious audience, any yays/nays on the SeeqPod or Pandora?  Let me know.  Free feel to comment how lame I am for posting about stuff that’s been out for probably years by now.  At least I was ahead of the curve on the myface band wagon.  I suppose it all evens out.


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