Random whirlwind

Just got back from LA yesterday.  I always think I hate LA until I get there and then I remember how cool it can be, in its own disgusting way.   Despite my limited time, I made sure to stop by In-and-Out (first thing, on the way from the airport to the hotel, I made my taxi stop by the closest one.  Of course, the meter ran while I got food but I’d say it was worth it).  I also picked up some See’s lollipops in the airport on my way home (ok, you can totally order See’s online, but there’s just something about being in the storefront, even if it is a tiny airport kiosk).  In any event, I had a fabulous (albeit short) time.  Now, back to regularly scheduled programing of fabulous Hotlanta news and events, sales and random kitten photos thrown in.



  1. Lyndsey Said:

    What were you doing in LA? I’m gonna have to go sometime this year, since my dad is paying for the wedding I suppose I should, you know, visit him.

  2. andirandombits Said:

    I was there for a cousin’s wedding. Came in Sat morning and left Sunday. I really wish I had had more time. Visiting the people who write the checks is always a good idea. Besides, LA can be fun!

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