Oh sexy laaady…

SITC, the movie, is playing at the Fabulous Fox this Thursday, August 7, at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $7.00. There’s also a pre-movie wine tasting starting at 5:30 for an additional $10. I find this part interesting, as the movie showing is part of the Cola Cola summer film festival. What, no coke tasting?  I suppose the capitalistic coke mongers prefer you fork over $15 to visit the World of Coke down the street.  (I refuse to link to the World of Coke’s site due to a very annoying intro).

Speaking of capitalism, and completely unrelated to designer shoes and whiny women (I jest, I jest, I loved the show like everyone else, but come on, they were pretty whiny), I’ve had a rather unhealthy and inexplicable obsession with Ayn Rand lately.  So ridiculous, I know.  And it’s not because I admire her or agree with her philosophy or enjoy her writing.  I actually kinda hate her and find reading her novels an exercise in masochism and torture.  So I can’t really explain it.  I guess it’s the kind of obsession one feels for an enemy – that’s the best illustration I can think of, even though I don’t consider her an enemy, per se.  I can’t explain my obsession, except to say, as above with SITC, I enjoy a good soap opera.  And the memoirs from her former lovers/followers Nathanial Branden and Barbara Branden provide a somewhat decent soap opera, with lots of self aggrandizing and over blown philosophical babble honoring life and man.  But there are love triangles (quadrangles, I guess) and lovers’ quarrels and a portrait of a woman so self involved I feel like a freaking saint compared to her.  I love reading about (relatively) evil people.

I’m tired of people mentioning the “genius” of Rand or her remarkable literary talent.  I don’t think much of her as a novelist – her characters are so unbelievable and her world so black and white that’s nothing that strikes a chord as bearing resemblance to reality.  She just wants to make her harsh philosophical syllogisms seem lyrical.  It comes off bombastic.

Anyway, I think I’ve lost my focus here.  Let’s sum up.

A. Sex in the City at the Fox, Thursday


B. I hate Ayn Rand but am obsessed with reading her novels and about her torrid life

C. anything making much sense.  My apologies.



  1. L-Dawg Said:

    You need to give your mind’s associative powers more credit–the connection between the topics is strong: both are about hideously ugly, self-absorbed women and their fucked-up lives. The equation is solved! Ayn Rand is like the original Sarah Jessica Parker!!!

  2. andirandombits Said:

    Everything makes so much sense now! Big = Nathanial Branden and so forth. Brilliant!

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