Too Pretty to Burn

J and I are off to Savannah this weekend.  The city holds a special place for us, we got engaged there, at the Foley House Inn after a gorgeous dinner at the Sapphire Grill.   On more recent trip we stayed at the Hamilton Turner Inn which was nice, but we preferred the Foley House.  That may be due to biased sentimental reasons and a lack of objectivity, I’m not sure.  Both places were very lovely, in any event.  We’re staying at a new (to us) place this time, not a bed and breakfast, and I’ll provide a short review upon my return.

I’ve done the majority of the Savannah highlights, the Bonaventure Cemetery, the river front, The Lady & Sons (way over hyped), the galleries, museums, historical tours, etc.  I’ve even visited Sonny Seiler’s firm for a fruitless interview one season.  This trip, I’m looking forward to chilling at Tybee and some surrounding islands I have not explored, plus visiting with some of my favorite people.

Favorite places to hit in Savannah?  Let me know if there’s anything special I should check out.  I love returning to Savannah, it’s just such a beautiful place.  I wish I lived somewhere with abundant Spanish moss (even if it is a parasite, it’s so damn pretty!).

Photo credits: Daniel Mayer


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