Random Round Up

1. Remember The Limited? If you spent any significant amount of your teenage years at the mall you surely do. I can’t remember the last time I shopped there but this weekend gives me good incentive – it’s family and friends weekend, everyone gets 30% off. I think you have to have the coupon so if interested let me know and I’ll forward it along.

B. The new dessert bar in Kirkwood opens this weekend, A la Mode Dessert Bar. The offer gelato, ice cream and other yummy baked goods. Considering the decline of Jake’s locations I’m looking forward to this one. A la Mode Dessert Bar, 1963 Hosea L. Williams Drive, Suite 104, 404-273-5741

IV. Yelp has a nice round up of Atlanta art galleries today, including spaces like Youngblood, Whitespace and Eyedrum. I’ve been in an art buying mood lately so the timing is quite perfect.

Four. I’m late to the game on this one, so you’ve probably heard of Movie Tavern, but I just learned about it recently. The upside? Booze and real food (check out their menu) for your movie watching enjoyment. The downside? It’s all the way out in freaking Tucker. Oh well, if it makes watching Mama Mia any less painful for J (hey, he owes me one) then I’m willing to make the trek.

PS:  I had my most excellent summer dinner again last night, except I sauteed the cannellini with some spinach and poured a lemon vinaigrette over it to serve along side spring mix greens, mozzarella and tomatoes.  And this time I remembered the roasted red peppers.  Still delicious and definitely not tired of this one yet!


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  1. Ben Said:

    Let me know if you wanna double date it up at the Movie Tavern. Gabi’s been kinda interested to see Mama Mia, and I’ve been kinda interested to drink… funny how that happens… so Josh and I can keep each other company.

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