Most excellent summer dinner

This is not a recipe and there is nothing earth shattering here – it’s mostly a gussied up caprese plate.  But dear goodness was it mighty delicious last night!  I had to go on a quest for fresh mozzarella – I tried the Italian market mentioned below on Sunday – of course it was closed on Sundays (it is open on Saturdays).  I tried WF – they were out!  I was about to hit Star Provisions or Via Elisa but I managed to make it to Toscano & Sons last night before they closed (I was bound and determined).

So, just arrange greens (arugula plus spring mix), fresh tomatoes (I used yellow heirlooms from a co-worker’s father’s garden), fresh mozzarella di bufala and ciabatta (from Toscano & Sons – I strongly urge you to seek out fresh mozzarella; it is worlds above that tasteless ball of rubber they try to pass off in the grocery store. Toscano & Sons claim they fly it in weekly from Italy – I’m not sure if I believe that, but man, their mozzarella is tasty – creamy, milky, very delicious!), cannellini beans, olives (from WF olive bar), drizzle everything with olive oil and balsamico, plus a good sprinkling of coarse sea salt and pepper. Voila, dinner is served!  (insert applause here).  Oooh, I just thought that adding some roasted red peppers would be fantastic as well, so give those a try (I even had some sitting in my pantry, dammit!)

If you use fresh ingredients (ok, I fess up, the beans were canned) this is the most excellent meal. Especially since prep and clean up are minimal. Perfect for summer, as tomatoes are in season and it’s freaking hot so who feels like cooking?

I would like to draw attention to Toscano & Sons – I’ve been meaning to post about them.  It’s a small Italian market off of Marietta St. (right where it merges with Howell Mill, next to 1*Five*0) that also has a deli counter.  It is tiny, but they have a decent selection of fresh and dried pastas, olive oils and other Italian treats (like lady fingers and amaretti).  They also have chickpea flour (for those doing the gluten free thing) and “00” flour (I hear it’s good for making pizza dough).  They also make sandwiches and panini and their meats always look fantastic.  If you’re in the area it’s worth a stop in; the sandwiches are very good.  They also offer Italian classes and other little presentations.  My mother-in-law got some dishes there and has asked us to pick up some more for her since she really liked them.  It’s just an adorable little store and I really enjoy having it nearby.


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