9021 – oh to the awesome!

Ok, show of hands, who was a total 90210 fan when younger?  I know I was (ok, you can put your hands down now).  Next poll – who is totally psyched they’re coming out with a new 90210, even though you know it won’t hold a Emily Valentine torched float candle to the old one, you’ll watch it anyway, knowing it will be horrible but hoping it will be fun horrible?  Yeah, me too.

Well, now you can geek out even more because there are rumors that Shannen Doherty will be coming back as Brenda Walsh!  Squee!  If only they could convince Luke Perry to return…



  1. lil' sis Said:


  2. lil' sis Said:

    …..squee? how come you don’t say that vocally?

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