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Let’s hear it for the boy

Mary’s is “Best Gay Bar in the Country.”  I can’t really say whether I agree or not, since I’m really familiar with gay bars across the country, but I will say Mary’s is always a good time.


Oh God. Crazy cat lady strikes again.

But who can resist the tiny kittens?  (Ok, I admit, I have an illness).  But I can’t think of a better way to get through the middle of a work week than adorable kitten faces.

Why does everything good have to die?

I suppose it was only a matter of time.  A small, some would say ramshackle even, shack on the 14th Street corridor.  A corridor due to become nothing but glitzy shiny blandness soon due to redevelopment and a bridge over haul.  It never had a chance once they started blasting.

What the hell am I talking about, you ask?  Rightfully so.  Kool Korners, a place of notable distinction, celebrated for its cuban sandwiches, is cerrado.  Given up to the big developers in the sky.  I bet you didn’t even have a chance to say your goodbyes.  I know I didn’t.  (ok, so I’ve known about the development for awhile.  But I didn’t realize it would all happen so fast!)

You look good enough to eat!

If your oh-so tasty Bacon Tuxedo.  It’s even bacon scented.  (When I first saw the item, for a minute I thought it might really be a suit made of woven raw bacon.)

I love bacon as much as the next shiksa but I’m not sure I love it *that* much.

Too Pretty to Burn

J and I are off to Savannah this weekend.  The city holds a special place for us, we got engaged there, at the Foley House Inn after a gorgeous dinner at the Sapphire Grill.   On more recent trip we stayed at the Hamilton Turner Inn which was nice, but we preferred the Foley House.  That may be due to biased sentimental reasons and a lack of objectivity, I’m not sure.  Both places were very lovely, in any event.  We’re staying at a new (to us) place this time, not a bed and breakfast, and I’ll provide a short review upon my return.

I’ve done the majority of the Savannah highlights, the Bonaventure Cemetery, the river front, The Lady & Sons (way over hyped), the galleries, museums, historical tours, etc.  I’ve even visited Sonny Seiler’s firm for a fruitless interview one season.  This trip, I’m looking forward to chilling at Tybee and some surrounding islands I have not explored, plus visiting with some of my favorite people.

Favorite places to hit in Savannah?  Let me know if there’s anything special I should check out.  I love returning to Savannah, it’s just such a beautiful place.  I wish I lived somewhere with abundant Spanish moss (even if it is a parasite, it’s so damn pretty!).

Photo credits: Daniel Mayer

Economy putting a damper on dining out? to the rescue!  In case you’re not familiar, the website offers “gift certificates” for local restaurants at a discounted price (essentially, you’re buying a coupon).  For instance, you can get a $25 “certificate” for a restaurant for $10 (some restrictions apply).  Right now, they’re offering 70% so that the $25 is now $3.  Not a bad deal.   Let me know if you want the code and I’ll forward it along to you.

(aside – I’m really weird about using coupons and things – especially in restaurants.   I think it’s becoming more acceptable and clearly  I’m just going to have to get over myself.)

Random Round Up

1. Remember The Limited? If you spent any significant amount of your teenage years at the mall you surely do. I can’t remember the last time I shopped there but this weekend gives me good incentive – it’s family and friends weekend, everyone gets 30% off. I think you have to have the coupon so if interested let me know and I’ll forward it along.

B. The new dessert bar in Kirkwood opens this weekend, A la Mode Dessert Bar. The offer gelato, ice cream and other yummy baked goods. Considering the decline of Jake’s locations I’m looking forward to this one. A la Mode Dessert Bar, 1963 Hosea L. Williams Drive, Suite 104, 404-273-5741

IV. Yelp has a nice round up of Atlanta art galleries today, including spaces like Youngblood, Whitespace and Eyedrum. I’ve been in an art buying mood lately so the timing is quite perfect.

Four. I’m late to the game on this one, so you’ve probably heard of Movie Tavern, but I just learned about it recently. The upside? Booze and real food (check out their menu) for your movie watching enjoyment. The downside? It’s all the way out in freaking Tucker. Oh well, if it makes watching Mama Mia any less painful for J (hey, he owes me one) then I’m willing to make the trek.

PS:  I had my most excellent summer dinner again last night, except I sauteed the cannellini with some spinach and poured a lemon vinaigrette over it to serve along side spring mix greens, mozzarella and tomatoes.  And this time I remembered the roasted red peppers.  Still delicious and definitely not tired of this one yet!

Most excellent summer dinner

This is not a recipe and there is nothing earth shattering here – it’s mostly a gussied up caprese plate.  But dear goodness was it mighty delicious last night!  I had to go on a quest for fresh mozzarella – I tried the Italian market mentioned below on Sunday – of course it was closed on Sundays (it is open on Saturdays).  I tried WF – they were out!  I was about to hit Star Provisions or Via Elisa but I managed to make it to Toscano & Sons last night before they closed (I was bound and determined).

So, just arrange greens (arugula plus spring mix), fresh tomatoes (I used yellow heirlooms from a co-worker’s father’s garden), fresh mozzarella di bufala and ciabatta (from Toscano & Sons – I strongly urge you to seek out fresh mozzarella; it is worlds above that tasteless ball of rubber they try to pass off in the grocery store. Toscano & Sons claim they fly it in weekly from Italy – I’m not sure if I believe that, but man, their mozzarella is tasty – creamy, milky, very delicious!), cannellini beans, olives (from WF olive bar), drizzle everything with olive oil and balsamico, plus a good sprinkling of coarse sea salt and pepper. Voila, dinner is served!  (insert applause here).  Oooh, I just thought that adding some roasted red peppers would be fantastic as well, so give those a try (I even had some sitting in my pantry, dammit!)

If you use fresh ingredients (ok, I fess up, the beans were canned) this is the most excellent meal. Especially since prep and clean up are minimal. Perfect for summer, as tomatoes are in season and it’s freaking hot so who feels like cooking?

I would like to draw attention to Toscano & Sons – I’ve been meaning to post about them.  It’s a small Italian market off of Marietta St. (right where it merges with Howell Mill, next to 1*Five*0) that also has a deli counter.  It is tiny, but they have a decent selection of fresh and dried pastas, olive oils and other Italian treats (like lady fingers and amaretti).  They also have chickpea flour (for those doing the gluten free thing) and “00” flour (I hear it’s good for making pizza dough).  They also make sandwiches and panini and their meats always look fantastic.  If you’re in the area it’s worth a stop in; the sandwiches are very good.  They also offer Italian classes and other little presentations.  My mother-in-law got some dishes there and has asked us to pick up some more for her since she really liked them.  It’s just an adorable little store and I really enjoy having it nearby.

Intriguing – Pickens Energy Plan

It’s all over the news – T. Boone Pickens’s Plan to create a wind turbine energy corridor in the mid west and move to natural gas in order to lessen the United State’s dependence on foreign oil.  Currently, he’s putting up a large amount of his own capital to fund this.  It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next ten years.

Sam Adams Summer Ale

I’m not a fan of Sam Adams, in general. I really enjoy their Oktoberfest. I think I like their Summer Ale as well. I can’t quite remember. But they were all gone at the end of the day. I suppose that’s as true a testament as any to its goodness. (Or, maybe just a testament to how much we all drank over the 4th. Regardless, I think when some were still sober enough to draw conclusions there were remarks to its drinkability).

No beer was left behind

No beer was left behind

I just wanted to add, for the record, that even though it’s not technically a summer brew, Abita Purple Haze does indeed taste purple.

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