Summer Ale

Ah, summer.  What’s not to love?  Warmer temps, outside patios, shorts, vacations and summer brews!  Does anyone remember Dogwood?  I loved that beer (stupid GA distribution laws).  I especially loved their summer ale.  While I still miss Dogwood, there are plenty of other summer ales to fill the void.  As I come across them, I’ll try to highlight them.  I almost made the title of this post “Summer Ales – the Series” but didn’t want to obligate myself.

I love Belgian-style wheat beers.  Blue Moon is one I particularly enjoy.  Imagine my delight last night to see their summer ale in stores:

I had to say the name allowed before I realized I should have been drinking this last week.  (Was it only a week ago I was in the islands?  Sigh – seems so long ago).  I will say – this beer is really sweet, you can definitely taste the honey notes.  It may be too cloying for some beer drinkers.  I bet I could make a really tasty ice cream from it, though.  Overall, I’m not sure I could drink a lot of this – but maybe a really cold one after dinner in lieu of dessert every now and then would work.

Have a favorite summer ale?  Let me know so I can sample.


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