Back, with a vengeance

Well, not so much.  But back, finally.  Although I’m still really busy, I’ll try keeping this thing alive.

First order of business, honeymoon was the awesome.  Did NOT want to leave, the place was amazing.  I highly recommend LIttle Dix Bay.  Highly.

Next item on the agenda, it’s time for outdoor summer movies.  As you probably know, drought, blah blah blah, no movies at Piedmont this summer.  Screen on the Green has moved to Centennial.  Not sure how that will be (no booze!) so I’m not terribly sure I’ll be making the effort for that one.  (Plus, Piedmont Park is just so much closer to me!).  However, line up includes Chicago, ET, and Footloose.  (Jaws was last week).

Also, GA Tech puts on summer movies on 5th Street.  Since this is much closer to me, it’s much more likely I’ll be checking this one out (I haven’t in past years).  The line up isn’t that great but Hairspray and/or Superbad would both be fun.  Flicks on 5th.

Of course, you could always check out the original outdoor theater, the drive in.  You don’t even need a reason!  (Other than you can sneak in booze without fear of being thrown out).

Any awesome summer stuff going on in/around Atlanta or other parts of Georgia?  Let me know.


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