Don’t cry for me, Argentina

But I’m on temporary leave. I know, I know, you’re heart is breaking (uh-huh, sure – will you even notice I’m gone?) J and I are soon to embark (1 week from today, exactly!) on an extended BVI vacation. It’s our delayed honeymoon and while I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED about it, this week will be hellish trying to get everything done at work I need to get done. Plus, an out of town wedding this weekend leaves not a lot of time for posting the fun stuff I find (actually, I haven’t even been finding fun stuff because I’m so freaking busy!)

Anyway, for the next foreseeable future (about three weeks, give or take a few days) I’ll be on hiatus. As consolation, here’s a recipe for nostalgic macaroni salad. Nothing like carbs and mayo to fill the void.

xoxo, Gossip Girl

Wait, that’s not right


That’s better.


This is based on a salad I remember as a kid (hence, the nostalgia). It’s low brow and I love it – see, I’m not a food snob. Best thing, it’s totally adaptable (and scalable) to taste (and crowd size). This is just a starting point.

1/2 pound macaroni pasta (elbows or any tiny shapes will do in a pinch; my mom would use the short tubes)

1/2 cup mayo (soy/canola based is fine for vegans)

Dijon mustard, to taste (start at about 1 tablespoon)

Garlic powder, to taste (start 1 tsp)

Paprika, to taste

celery seed/salt, to taste


other desired seasonings (hot sauce, red pepper, etc.)

chopped pickles (I prefer dill but may sub sweet or even relish)

olives (can omit or sub capers)

*chopped red bell pepper

*can totally sub veggies of choice – try carrots, celery, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, or anything else crunchy that holds up well in creamy dressings)


Boil pasta as directed in salted water; drain reserving about 1/4 pasta water. While pasta is cooking make dressing, mixing mayo, mustard, seasonings. Toss pasta with veggies and dressing, adding reserved pasta water to achieve right consistency if dressing is too thick.  Chill for several hours and then enjoy the taste of childhood.

PS: you could probably try a olive oil vinegar based dressing if feeling healthy – let me know how it turns out.

LATER, Y’all!



  1. Sarah Said:

    And thanks to you I now have the ability to add celery salt to my food. Yeah spice rack!!!!

  2. andirandombits Said:

    Glad you like it! I meant to get you fresh spices to replace the stuff in the jars that has probably been sitting in there for months but I just couldn’t get my act together. If you’re ever around Decatur, Dekalb Farmer’s Market has really inexpensive spices. Actually, so does Harry’s and Whole Foods (the bulk spices in plastic containers, usually around the bulk grains and nuts and whatnot).

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