90s nostalgia + free music = pretty cool

Ah, Nine Inch Nails. I loved blasting the subversive “Closer” on my tiny three disc CD player. When no one was home, of course. I wasn’t that subversive. But just owning the album made me feel naughty. And, at that point in my life, I really liked angry music.

Well, Nine Inch Nails is coming out with a new album and is making it available…for free. No pay as you go type of Radiohead deal (which I never downloaded because I was afraid I would never cough up any money). Totally free. I haven’t had any time to give it a listen yet (I spent yesterday afternoon frying myself at the Braves game, drinking beers with my boss) but I will try to have a gander this weekend. Hopefully.

Here’s the site – enjoy! http://theslip.nin.com


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  1. Ben Said:

    I remember that period in my own life. Yay for free downloads! Thanks for posting this… looking forward to checking it out.

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