Random poll

Would you choose to live in any of these places?


New York




Boca Raton




  1. Lyndsey Said:

    London – yes
    Boca Raton – no. Too many old people.
    Charlotte – eh.
    Zurich – I don’t think I know where that is. I assume they don’t speak English.
    Dubai – fuck no.
    New York – yes, definitely.
    Dallas – big hair, big attitudes, George W. Bush…no.

  2. Arielle Said:

    Dallas – yes. There are some cool areas.
    New York – maybe. I’m a little intimidated by huge cities.
    Dubai – doubtful.
    London – maybe, for the same reasons as New York. But for some reason, more likely.
    Zurich – doubtful.
    Boca Raton – unlikely, but possible.
    Charlotte – yes.

  3. Danny Said:

    London, Zurich, New York, and Dubai I give a near certainly. The others I’m not as thrilled about.

  4. Beth Said:

    Dallas: Nonono. Too hot and… you know… *Texan*.
    New York: Too close to family, too many people too close together.
    Dubai: Too far away.
    Zurich: Would be a nice place to visit and see my family roots, but I don’t feel comfortable with a different language base.
    London: Totally. I would be fine there.
    Boca Raton: no, not Florida
    Charlotte: like all parts of South Carolina should be burned to the ground.

    Fun fact from Wikipedia: “Boca Ratones” literally means “Rat’s Mouth”

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