For a friend

I’m glad I can use my modicum of exposure for good sometimes 🙂 I received an e-mail today from a friend asking for a favor – see below and, if you have a second to vote, please do so! You’ll be bringing joy to someone’s life and good karma to yourself 🙂 (She has a huge love for Kenny Loggins, which is what preceded this, btw).

Crosby Loggins has been competing on an MTV show called Rock the Cradle, and they’re voting for the final three contestants tonight. I’ve actually seen Crosby in concert (opening for his dad, of course) and I really liked him. So I’m writing to bribe you to vote for him. You can do it on the MTV Web site between 11 p.m. tonight and 9 a.m. Saturday, or by calling the numbers at the end of the show, which airs at 10 p.m. on MTV. I told them I was going to have a voting party, so I have goodies like autographed posters and free downloads to share with you if you vote — just call me out the next time you see me, or send me your address if you really want them now. And if anyone actually does want to come over tonight and watch the show, I’m cool with that. Just let me know by 6 p.m. so I can get things for you to consume. But either way, vote for Crosby!

Ok kids, you have your marching orders. Get to votin’!


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