It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…

and you ain’t got shit to do! Or do you…? (insert suspicious glance here). Well, I feel like a freaking festival queen, but I guess springtime in hotATL just means it’s time to pop up the tents, get some arts, crafts and beer together and fiesta. (that’s the verb, not the noun).

Two to note this weekend:

(in)famed Inman Park Festival, now in its 37th year! There’s a tour of homes, a promises to be awesome parade and the usual festival suspects – art, beer and music. I’m not sure you could ask for more (well, fireworks might be kinda awesome but with the drought and all, probably not a good idea).

On Sunday, little ol’ Mar-etta is hosting a Taste of Marietta on the Square. I suppose if Marietta had a flavor it would be Bradford Pear Tree, at least at this time of year, which is totally gross. However, this tasting of Marietta is luckily not literal and involves lots of restaurants offering samples of their wares for $.50 to $4. Hopefully there’s no smartass chef who decided that Bradford Pear sorbet would be a hoot – because I can tell them right now – it wouldn’t be.

PS: This concludes my Friday series. Unless something really awesome pops up, in which case I will have to edit this post script, therefore making it look like I planned it all along and no one will be the wiser.


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