Happy Friday, y’all! Feeling like being a shut-in? Watch Juno!

I watched Juno last night, again. I saw it when it came out in the theater and it truly is a precious movie. It makes me hate Jason Bateman just a little bit, although in general I love him. (How perfect is he in Dodgeball?) Anyway, J is out of town for the weekend so after I dropped him off at the airport I stopped to rent a bunch of girly flicks that he would be a good sport about but that he would probably rather pass on, if given the chance (for the record, him being a good sport does not preclude merciless making fun of whatever nonsense I’m watching). Since I dragged him to watch Juno with me the first time I didn’t want to subject him again (to his credit, he didn’t complain and I think enjoyed it a bit; just not as much as me).

the soundtrack is also all kinda of awesomeness. It’s my Friday treat, I get to listen to it instead of NPR (which is even better this week, as it’s pledge drive time. I don’t mind supporting the station, but dammit JUST QUIT WITH THE PLEAS!)

Anyway, make sure to watch Juno. And consider the soundtrack. It’s good stuff, even if it is about pregnancy, which normally would be a BIG DOWNER. But somehow, it’s not in this movie.


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