Doh! How did I miss this one?!!!

My bad guys.  Richard Blais, most recently of Top Chef fame, (and formerly of Blais notority for the foie gras milkshake and Element, which closed abruptly) has teamed up with Tom Cattherall at Home (link is to Here to Serve main site; skip intro to go to Home Restaurant & Bar’s page, which includes menu listing).  It opened April 21 in the old Posh space in Buckhead.  I never got a chance to sample Blais’s creations while he had his own restaurants in Atlanta (I was just starting my culinary awakening when Blais was open and Element closed too quickly; I did enjoy his stint at either One Midtown Kitchen or Two Urban Licks (I can never remember which is which).

Also, he will soon be consulting (or is he already?) for Flip, an upscale burger joint.  Not sure what to think about that, except I’m guessing it will involve foie gras milkshakes.

Whether you like him on the show or not (or whether you don’t even watch the show), you can’t deny the man’s got some fucking mad innovation.

Home: 111 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 30305; reservations at Open Table.


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