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I’ll be honest – it’s only recently that I’ve developed what could be called a skin care routine. For the majority of my life, my skin care regimen consisted of washing my face in the shower (if at all) and Oil of Olay moisturizer. I often slept in my makeup and rarely used things like toner, masks or exfoliating scrubs. In an effort to not look like a leather bag when I’m 30 I’ve started to step it up. And I’ll tell you, it’s a lot of fucking work! Remove makeup, cleanser (not in the shower!), toner, exfoliate, moisturize, etc. My skin is very very dry (I admit, I don’t drink enough water) and this expanded routine tends to help keep my skin more supple and not dried out.

To this end, I’ve starting utilizing the products of Mario Badescu. I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon him, but I really enjoy his products. His stuff is yummy smelling (almond exfoliating scrub, honey moisturizer) and is targeted towards different skin types. The best part? Tons of free samples with every order – you get a whole regimen targeted for your particular skin type when you fill out a questionnaire on the website.

Mario Badescu is available online, at Nordstrom’s, and in Atlanta, at Studio Oliver.

PS: I hope all of you enjoyed a responsible April 20th yesterday. Not only did Dazed and Confused air at exactly twenty after four, VHI aired The Wall last night. It’s nice to know I can indeed watch it without going insane. Who knew?

UPDATE: Use coupon code “RETAIL” at Mario Badescu to receive 15% off your order – hooray!


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  1. Jill Said:

    I, personally, am a huge Origins addict. Their “Balanced Diet” moisturizer is great for combination skin tones and doesn’t leave my skin feeling all greasy and heavy. They also make a deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum, which is great because I really don’t want Alzheimers. Both the moisturizer and deodorant have a nice natural smell, and you always get free samples when you order stuff from Origins. Thought some might find the tip helpful. Like your blog!

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