Getting ready for bathing suit season

I’m mostly equal opportunity and I strive to not subscribe to sexist stereotypes. I know guys can wax and do, but let’s face it – the thought of waxing naughty bits makes most guys grimace in pain.  For those brave ones who manage to step it up like us tough old broads (I don’t any but I know they’re out there) keep on reading.

Let’s be honest here – getting bikini waxes is just not a fun experience – it’s painful and slightly humiliating. There is now an aftercare kit from Shobha, a New York Salon that offers their products online. The kit contains Hydrocortisone cream, an Exfoliating Cloth and a can of freshening clothes (self explanatory). It’s supposed to prolong the smoothness as well, but I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t vouch.  I’ve got a big beach vacation coming up so once I go on a test run I’ll update.

For those interested, try this salon in Marietta for your waxing needs.


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