Late Adopter

So why am I jumping into the blogpool way after most everyone else has already taken the plunge (or already decided that swimming in the first place is stupid)? Because now that I’m embarking on my “adult” life, I find that all of my friends, with their multitudes of varied interests, are widely dispersed. I am a glutton for useless (and, on occasion, useful) information – I collect it like Ms. Haversham collected the souls of men. (I also used to be in the soul collecting business, but that all ended once I met my perfect man). I also really like to share that information to people who might find it useful and/or interesting. Sending out targeted e-mails is a pain and clutters your inbox. So I figured I’d just start putting random bits of info I collect in one place and let you figure out if something is worth checking out or not.

What this is not: this is not a personal on-line journal nor is this a discussion forum. (I’m not interesting enough for either – hell, I’m probably not interesting enough for this!) It’s a place for me to post random stuff I like that I think other people will like too. Feel free to submit your own ideas – I’m always on the lookout for great new stuff.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a paid product advertiser, I know I sound like I’m somehow hawking these products, but I have no relationship with any of the things I post about other than as an enthusiastic user.


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