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Talk about bad trips…

The inventor/discoverer/father (take your pick) of LSD died.  He was 102!!! Guess LSD isn’t that bad for you, after all.  Take that, DEA!



First Pamela, then Paris, then a whole host of skanks, now Jimi effing Hendrix. An (alleged) Jimi Hendrix sex tape is being released by Vivid. Or at least someone who looks like him.  I don’t doubt Mr. Hendrix certainly got it on back in the day.  It was the sixties, after all, everyone was doing everyone like rabbits (not that I was there, but popular cultural history leads me to that conclusion).  Hell, he may have even been videotaped doing so.  Not outside the realm of possibility by any means.  But I am highly skeptical that this tape is authentic – I mean, seriously, over thirty years later?  If it is real, why bother now?  The man has been gone for 38 years – does anyone really want to see a dead guy doin it?

Because, really, who doesn’t want to be entertained while in the bathroom?

For those of you who think using the restroom is just too boring, have I got the thing for you!  It’s a toilet!  It’s a fishtank!  It’s a toilet fishtank!  Seriously, it’s a fish tank inside the tank of a toilet. This totally gives new meaning to the ritual of flushing dead goldfish down the toilet.  Quite honestly, I think the whole thing is a bit creepy – I don’t need fish eyes on me in the restoom, I prefer a little privacy.  But for those who need, some, ahem, amusement, your own private aquarium, while you pee!

I’m kinda amazed sometimes at the wacky world we live in.  What’s next, koi pond bathtubs?

If you must…

I’ve already given you the secret to the Margarita perfecta.  If you’re not an insufferable purist, you may be interested in this handy list of oh let’s say more exotic margarita recipes from Fine Living.  Less than one week to Cinco de Mayo – make sure to stock up on handles of Tequila and Dos Exxis – ahora! (Got to put that IRS money to good use, right?)

Inmate being “starved”…to life, in my opinion

Apparently, an Arkansas inmate awaiting trial on murder charges is complaining that jail food has caused him to lose weight – over 100 pounds, in fact.  He is now down to a svelte 308 pounds.  He is, logically, suing the county jail in a federal law suit, complaining that the jail is starving him by only serving, on average, 3,000 calories a day.  Is there a fundamental right to be fat?  I’m thinking Constitution says no.  This guy is arguably healthier by losing the weight – overweight rich people would pay dearly for these kind of results and he has the nerve to sue!  Those crazy inmates.

I predict all kinds of diet-promotional tie ins (if they don’t already exist).  Ladies, tired of trying to lose that 100 pounds with no success?  Try the prison diet that’s sweeping the nation!  It’s like “boot camps” – but for reals.

It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…

and you ain’t got shit to do! Or do you…? (insert suspicious glance here). Well, I feel like a freaking festival queen, but I guess springtime in hotATL just means it’s time to pop up the tents, get some arts, crafts and beer together and fiesta. (that’s the verb, not the noun).

Two to note this weekend:

(in)famed Inman Park Festival, now in its 37th year! There’s a tour of homes, a promises to be awesome parade and the usual festival suspects – art, beer and music. I’m not sure you could ask for more (well, fireworks might be kinda awesome but with the drought and all, probably not a good idea).

On Sunday, little ol’ Mar-etta is hosting a Taste of Marietta on the Square. I suppose if Marietta had a flavor it would be Bradford Pear Tree, at least at this time of year, which is totally gross. However, this tasting of Marietta is luckily not literal and involves lots of restaurants offering samples of their wares for $.50 to $4. Hopefully there’s no smartass chef who decided that Bradford Pear sorbet would be a hoot – because I can tell them right now – it wouldn’t be.

PS: This concludes my Friday series. Unless something really awesome pops up, in which case I will have to edit this post script, therefore making it look like I planned it all along and no one will be the wiser.

Happy Friday, go buy stuff

Like half-off consignment designer stuff. The Junior League of Atlanta is having an “upscale” consignment sale. Saturday is half-off day. I’ve never been to one of these and I’m not affiliated with the Junior League – not that I have anything against the Junior League, I’m just wanted to make sure the record was clear. If you are one of those people who are really great at sifting through stuff to find like, the most awesome piece, you could probably score pretty big here. Buena suerte bargain hunting!

Happy Friday, y’all! Feeling like being a shut-in? Watch Juno!

I watched Juno last night, again. I saw it when it came out in the theater and it truly is a precious movie. It makes me hate Jason Bateman just a little bit, although in general I love him. (How perfect is he in Dodgeball?) Anyway, J is out of town for the weekend so after I dropped him off at the airport I stopped to rent a bunch of girly flicks that he would be a good sport about but that he would probably rather pass on, if given the chance (for the record, him being a good sport does not preclude merciless making fun of whatever nonsense I’m watching). Since I dragged him to watch Juno with me the first time I didn’t want to subject him again (to his credit, he didn’t complain and I think enjoyed it a bit; just not as much as me).

the soundtrack is also all kinda of awesomeness. It’s my Friday treat, I get to listen to it instead of NPR (which is even better this week, as it’s pledge drive time. I don’t mind supporting the station, but dammit JUST QUIT WITH THE PLEAS!)

Anyway, make sure to watch Juno. And consider the soundtrack. It’s good stuff, even if it is about pregnancy, which normally would be a BIG DOWNER. But somehow, it’s not in this movie.

Doh! How did I miss this one?!!!

My bad guys.  Richard Blais, most recently of Top Chef fame, (and formerly of Blais notority for the foie gras milkshake and Element, which closed abruptly) has teamed up with Tom Cattherall at Home (link is to Here to Serve main site; skip intro to go to Home Restaurant & Bar’s page, which includes menu listing).  It opened April 21 in the old Posh space in Buckhead.  I never got a chance to sample Blais’s creations while he had his own restaurants in Atlanta (I was just starting my culinary awakening when Blais was open and Element closed too quickly; I did enjoy his stint at either One Midtown Kitchen or Two Urban Licks (I can never remember which is which).

Also, he will soon be consulting (or is he already?) for Flip, an upscale burger joint.  Not sure what to think about that, except I’m guessing it will involve foie gras milkshakes.

Whether you like him on the show or not (or whether you don’t even watch the show), you can’t deny the man’s got some fucking mad innovation.

Home: 111 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 30305; reservations at Open Table.

Continuing with the dining theme…

I have heard much lately of this new place in Decatur, Cakes & Ale.  It’s sometimes hard for me to get out to Decatur, not because I don’t love it, I truly do, but mostly because there are just so many awesome places near me in Midtown and Poncey-Highlands, L5P, etc. that it’s hard to make it my way that far east.  However, I was checking out the menu and found they had Arancini.  Like, on the menu.  A place where you can go and order Arancini.  And not have to make it yourself.  (I hate frying things in my house).  I’m not sure if I can properly express how awesome I think this is.  It’s certainly awesome enough that I will drag J, by force if necessary, to Decatur to try this place.  And I know what I’ll be having for an appetizer!  Apparently they have good desserts as well – just one more reason to make the long trip down Ponce!

ps: Arancini are fried balls of (usually leftover) risotto.  With a cube of cheese inside.  And yes, it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds.  If not more so.

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